Linguistic Variation in Chinese Speech Communities



A unique synchronous Chinese language corpus that captures the dynamic developments of the Chinese language across major Chinese-speaking communities since 1995.
  • Ideal tool for language researchers, translators and social scientists
  • Extraordinary 7 billion+ character database from printed news media
  • Good coverage of Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei since 1995
  • Insightful reflections of significant socio-cultural linguistic developments over 20+ critical years
  • More information about LiVaC available on Wikipedia

LiVaC Rosters for New Chinese Buzzwords

Annual rosters capture prominent new words appearing in news reports on political, economic, social, and cultural events during the year.

01 Providing timely socio-cultural indicators of the different communities

02 Objective quantitative based analysis

03 Good coverage of Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taipei as well as the Pan-Chinese communities

What are the NEW Buzzwords in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei this year ?

LiVaC Rosters for
Pan-Chinese Newsmakers

Annual rosters draw attention to the common newsmakers appearing in the news media across different communities during the year, and what they stand for

01 Objective quantitative base drawn from media exposure

02 Top 25 newsmakers from Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei

Who are the Top Newsmakers, in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei?