A Cloud-based Post-Editing Application



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Indispensable for tackling Chinese-English technical translation

  • Based on 300,000+ bilingual patent documents across different domains
  • Draws on 1,000,000+ bilingual technical terms
  • Provide frequency analysis to clarify ambiguities
  • Authentic example sentences to resolve confusion
  • High Value Documents demand exact translations
  • Complex Multi-Word Expressions challenge translators with new technical & ambiguous terms involving one-to-many multiple alternative renditions

PatentLex is MORE than a Lexicon

  • PatentLex is based on 300,000+ Chinese-English patents across industries
    • A corpus of 30,000,000+ bilingual sentence pairs
      • 1,000,000+ bilingual technical terms
  • Quantitative information to resolve one-to-many ambiguities
  • Authentic example sentences to clarify confusion
  • English-Chinese bi-directional Machine Translation of imported text for checking
  • ALL integrated into ONE easy-to-use Post-Editing Application

PatentLex - An Integrated
Post-Editing Application

A. Import Machine Translation (MT) for preliminary check

B. Post-Editing of MT


Lexi “Example“ Search


HOW PatentLex
Supports Your Workflow

01 An integrated tool for professional translators

FOUR products in ONE

02 Built-in memory for easy retrieval

Save results to Translation Memory System