PatentLex Translation Assistant

We are a Hong Kong based language data provider and software product developer focused exclusively on the Chinese language and translation solutions between Chinese and English.

Our approach is data driven. Chilin’s deep Corpora offers a unique way to solve the challenges that translators, analysts and researchers face when dealing with the Chinese language. These challenges include:

– Scarcity of quality technical training data for Machine Translation systems
– Regional variations of Chinese
– Complex multi-word expressions & multiple correspondences between English and Chinese words and phrases.

Through this blog, we hope to discuss issues related to Chinese translation and how Chilin’s data driven approach can solve them. We will also discuss the use of big data to help track the use of language in different Chinese communities. Here is a preview of the topics we will be discussing:

  • Chilin’s PatentLex Parallel Sentence Corpus
  • Chilin’s PatentLex Corpus of bilingual technical terms
  • Chilin’s PatentLex Technical Translation Assistant (PaTTA)
  • The monitoring function of LIVAC Pan-Chinese Synchronous Corpus – Linguistic Variation in Chinese Speech Communities

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